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Aloha and welcome to our stock footage page. We have one of the most complete collections of broadcast-quality stock footage of Hawaiian eruptions available anywhere. In addition, we also work with other videographers worldwide and have a comprehensive collection of Montserrat pyroclastic volcanism available, as well as material from New Zealand, the Phillipines, and several other localities. We are always out shooting new material and adding to our collection.

Our footage has been used has been used widely on the major networks, cable channels, in museums, and even in the Hollywood movie “Volcano”

Selected List of Programs

Screeners, rate sheets, and licensing agreements are available upon request.

Call us toll free at 1-888-458-7538 or fax or email us for more information.

We are fully digital using a Sony EX-1 XDCAM camera and editing in Final Cut Pro to assure the highest quality material. Any transfers are done via SDI and are virtually lossless. Material can be delivered via ftp, hard drive, or various tape formats.  Check out our camera gear and editing studio.


Being volcanologists, we love just about every aspect of volcanic eruptions and try to capture many kinds of unique activity. Here’s a general list of some of the different types of volcanic activity we have footage of in our collection. Besides the extensive footage from Hawaii, Montserrat, and Ruapehu (New Zealand) we have limited footage from a few other erupting volcanoes (Mt. Etna, Pinatubo) and footage of non-erupting volcanoes in New Zealand, Kamchatka (there are some spectacular cone and crater lake shots in both of these collections), and Italy. We also have footage of other volcanoes in Hawaii and some exceptionally rare footage of native Hawaiian honey creepers in the wild.



`A`a flows
Crater lakes
Explosive eruption columns
High fountains
Fissure eruptions
Lava lakes and ponds
Lava domes
Lava tubes
Lava rivers
Pahoehoe lava
Pillow lava/submarine eruptions
Pyroclastic flows
Volcanic ash



Scientists working on flows in Hawaii
Loss of homes in lava flows
Effects of ash fall on buildings and towns

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