Reviews and Comments

Reviews of Lava Flows and Lava Tubes:

“I’ve spent many years trekking the volcanic landscapes of Hawaii enroute to lava tubes, and have always been fascinated with the variety of forms that flowing lava creates both above and below ground.  Now along comes a video that explains a lot of these forms and shows it happening with nice crisp footage that really makes you feel like you’re right there….  Lava Flows and Lava Tubes is without a doubt the best feature I’ve ever seen on flowing lava above and below ground, and will appeal to anyone with an interest in understanding the interplay of lava tubes and volcanic landscapes.”  Dave Bunnell, NSS News, February 2007 

“This DVD is a treat for volcanologists, Earth scientists and others who are curious about volcanoes. The new segments on lava flows, vents and tubes are my favorites. They document and explain these volcanic features with dazzling photography and clear discussions. Aerial photographs, captured while hanging out of a helicopter, allow the viewer to appreciate lava flow dynamics. Time-lapsed photography beautifully documents the inflation of pahoehoe flows. The level of the video is suitable for most ages. Everyone can learn something from it and will enjoy the beautiful photography and dynamics of lava flow emplacement. In summary, if you are going to own one lava-flow video, this is the one for both teaching and home use.”  Michael Garcia, from EOS review (Trans. of the American Geophysical Union), December 2003.

“Lava Flows and Lava Tubes… combines detailed narration and spectacular footage of volcanic eruptions producing rivers of lava. Recommended.”Video Librarian, December 30, 2003

“Marked by high quality and creative videography, this program explores lava formation and flow and the effects of volcanic eruption. Voice-over narration introduces terminology…and geographic and scientific information. Time lapse and close-up images clearly illustrate how lava flows, advances, inflates, cools, and fractures. The sound is so real that viewers can clearly hear water bubbling, trees burning, and hot lava chipping away from smaller, cooler lava.”   Booklist, December 2003.

“Dr. Ken Hon, volcanologist, photographer, and narrator of this exciting program, takes us up very close to all kinds of lava flows and formations. The wealth of current, in-depth information is well organized and explained.”  Joan Karasick, School Library Journal, December 2003 (review of first edition)



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