Eruption at the Sea: Kalapana Edition (1990)

DVD: 45 minutes, $15.95
Eruption at the Sea shows lava entering the ocean in vivid detail. These processes are perhaps the most beautiful of all the activity on Kilauea, with glowing steam clouds at night providing the backdrop for streams of incandescent lava pouring into the sea and explosive bursts of lava. Working near the ocean entries is the most dangerous part of our work, as unpredictable collapses can destroy acres of new land in a matter of minutes–making escape impossible.

The first 15 minute program on this special edition of Eruption at the Sea follows the course of events as lava flows destroy the coastal Hawaiian villge of Kalapana in 1990. Unique aerial footage puts you in the helicopter beside volcanologists and Civil Defense Authorities as they try to predict what the lava will do next. Follow its relentless 6 month assault on Kalapana, which ends with Kalapana and the famous black sand beaches of Kaimu Bay buried under 50 feet of lava. This section of the video has frequently been used by civil defense agencies and in geohazards courses.


SPECIAL: Buy any two DVDs, get $7 off!



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